Watch me tell stories


By Summer Pierre.

February is a big one. I’ll be performing in three storytelling events.

Saturday, February 15th: Cheap Theatre at the Black Forest Inn on the theme NOISE. 1 East 26th Street, Minneapolis, MN. 7:30pm. $10.

Saturday, February 22nd: PROMPT: Stories based on, inspired by or tangentially related to classic works. Theme: Sweet Sorrow (Romeo & Juliet) at The Black Forest Inn, 1 E 26th St, Minneapolis, MN. 7pm. $10-20.

Thursday, February 27th: StoryClub Minneapolis. No theme. At the Bryant Lake Bowl, 810 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN. 7pm. $6-12, sliding scale.

I’m working on a new story about my dad’s death. He died in a white water rafting accident when I was 9 and my mom recently found the witness reports from his death while she was cleaning out her office. It was a really surreal way to re-examine his death and I think it became real to me in a way only a story could make it. And that’s what the witness reports were — very vivid stories of his last moments.

I also start teaching my personal storytelling class at The Loft on January 30th. I’m excited. It’s bigger and better than ever.


And finally, here are some pictures from my December trip to New York for the Full Spectrum Storytelling Intensive put on by AIR/UnionDocs. Five days with radio producers, dissecting story and listening to lectures from producers from This American Life, Life of the Law, The Truth, and so much more. I was pinching myself the whole time just to see if it was real. Plus I found an amazing avocado green sweater covered in embroidered owls at Beacon’s Closet. COMING SOON: The Pitch. I’ll post my pitches to (successful!) and to This American Life (not successful!).