Let Me Count the Ways


WOAH. Sometimes I need to take inventory of what’s up because it’s easy for me to feel like I’m not doing enough. Since I moved to Minneapolis, I’ve been constantly stimulated with writing and art and incredibly talented people. An overview:

-Moved here for a job at a children’s there. It is the best.
-Won The Moth on my fourth day
-There is a storytelling or spoken word event of some kind happening nearly every.single.day. I have been a featured teller in three of them just last month.
-Taught a storytelling class at one of the most recognized literary arts centers in the country.
-I’ve been to some of the most interesting and fun art and lit events ever.
-I joined the board of Story Arts of Minnesota.
-I joined a RADIO CLUB and met a sound engineer who taught me a bunch about MICS and EQUALIZERS.
-Have an artist residency at Elsewhere in September.
-Pretty much have nightly conversations with people who are incredibly smart and interesting and want to do fun creative things with me.
-Reconnected with a childhood friend. Am going to collaborate with him on a storytelling/live music performance piece in April.
-May have access to a darkroom and recording studio to realize my photography/podcasting dreams in the near future.

Time is flying by. It kind of feels like I’ve always been here. It always feels brand new. It is the perfect combination.