The Moth GrandSLAM

So one of my life goals has been achieved: telling a story in a Moth GrandSLAM. I qualified by winning a Twin Cities Moth story slam back in September. The theme is Fish out of Water, which is basically the story of my life, so it should be good. Saturday, June 7th at 8pm at the Fitzgerald Theater. $20.


I’ll also be telling a story as part of the brand-new series Spinning Stories. I love everything about this and when I told my mom I was doing it, she said “you do such cornball things.” Here’s the description:

SPINNING STORIES is a storytelling series that happens to take place on bikes. 
First and foremost, it’s about the stories. 
The best stories steal from their surroundings, and like all good criminals we’re headed back to the scene.
Our storytellers will ride us to their destinations, and we’ll hear the stories right where they first happened.

It starts at Recovery Bike Shop, 2504 Central Ave NE in Minneapolis. Come one, come all. I have a story about the grand ol’ Mississippi.